We believe God is at work, bringing about restoration in all the world. CCC is intent on working toward it with God, experiencing it personally and together, locally and globally. 



We are a community of people, following Jesus and participating in God's restoration story.


In light of our common missions and our shared values, we seek to become a church that:

  • Shows hospitality to people of all races, cultures, and ethnicities.
  • Learns about those with whom we are least acquainted as they become part of our congregation.
  • Gives to others in our faith community by being loving, hospitable, and authentic.
  • Worships God intentionally, in culturally relevant ways that invite participation, while being grounded in historical Christian practices.
  • Trusts the Holy Spirit to grow our church and to guide our contemplation, imagination, and creativity.
  • Feels compelled to bring people to Christ by helping the church and individual Christians live according to the Great Commission. [Matthew 28:16-20]
  • Aims for transformational holiness
  • Is shaped in our character and in our actions by God's Word, which we understand to be God's will for us as revealed in the Bible (the written Word) and in Jesus Christ (the Living Word).
  • Equips people for works of service.
  • Serves the poor and powerless.
  • Practices biblically-based social action.


As a church, we’re committed to four overarching Christ-like values. These values help guide our thoughts, words, and actions.



God has given the Church to the world as a blessing. Every person is important to God and so they are important to us. God participates with CCC to care for people and connect people to God.



God made us for relationships – with God and with one another – so we invest our time and resources to connect with others by doing life together. We work to create meaningful and long-term connections with our community.



We are becoming like Christ in our very character. That includes our beliefs and our behavior. The Spirit of God leads us to synergize in order to accomplish God’s restorative work in the world.



Our love for God is lived out through acts of mercy and compassion which influence our neighborhood, community, and world for good.


What do you believe about God?
  • We believe in one Triune God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We understand these are the persons through whom God reveals Himself and relates to humans. [Matthew 3:16-17; 28:16-20; 2 Corinthians 13:14; Ephesians 4:4-6]
  • We believe God the Father freely created all that exists because of love, which is the core and essence of God’s being. God the Father maintains a relationship with Creation as Sovereign Lord and Redeemer. [Genesis 1; Deuteronomy 6:4-5; Psalm 19:1-3]
  • We believe God so deeply loves people that He has provided for their redemption by graciously forgiving their sins and making them spiritually alive. [John 3:16]
  • We believe in the revelation of God through the Holy Bible as the inspired and authoritative source of truth in all things concerning salvation and sanctification. [2 Timothy 3:15-17]
What do you believe about Humanity?
  • We believe humans were created in the image of God and were meant to live in close fellowship with God. However, evil in the world and each person’s selfish choices have distorted that image and broken that relationship. [Genesis 1:26-27; Genesis 3; Romans 1:20-32]
  • As a result, all people are separated from God unless and until they repent of their sins and accept God’s forgiveness and spiritual life through faith in Him. Jesus Christ then becomes their Savior and Lord. [Romans 3:21-26; 10:9-10]
  • The life, death, and resurrection of Christ makes possible the restoration of the original image and relationship. That possibility becomes reality for anyone who shares in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection by confronting evil and selfishness, and by relying on God for forgiveness and grace. [Romans 5:6-11; 8:16-18; 2 Corinthians 3:18; 5:18-19]
  • We believe the appropriate response to God’s love and grace is our expression of gratitude through worship. [Mark 12:29-31]
  • We believe God’s Spirit fully dwells in and transforms persons to become like Jesus Christ in character and attitude, affecting their thoughts, words, and actions. This transformation begins at conversion and continues through the experience of sanctification, as the person commits totally to Christ and grows in God’s grace toward Christ-likeness. [Romans 8:1-27; Ephesians 3:14-19; Colossians 3:1-17]
  • We believe Christians become part of a worldwide community of faith known as the Church, which is composed of all who are born again in Christ. [Acts 2:32-47]
  • We believe the Church has a divinely ordained purpose and mission in the world that is revealed in the Bible. [Matthew 28:16-20]
What do you believe about Jesus Christ?
  • We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth as a human, gave His life on the cross for our sins, was raised from the dead, ascended into heaven, and lives eternally. [Acts 2:22-36; Colossians 1:12-22]
  • We believe in the resurrection of the dead and in a future judgment in which every person will appear before God. Glorious and everlasting life is assured to all who believe in and obediently follow Jesus Christ as Lord. [Matthew 25:31-46; John 3:16-18; 1 Corinthians 15:50-57]


Our staff is committed to helping you discover the presence of God and build a more meaningful life. We’re thankful for these godly men and women who daily serve our church and community.



In July 1992, a small group of 22 people were challenged to start a new church in the NW corridor of Olathe, Kansas. We began to meet and pray for God’s divine direction. Our prayers were answered and began to take shape in the creation of what is now Christ Community Church.


No matter who you are, what your story is, or where you’re from, you are welcome here. You don’t have to schedule a tour to join us on Sundays. But if you’d like to let us know you’re coming, we’ll be sure to have greeters prepared to give you a tour before or after the service.