Water For The Way

Is anyone thirsty? Many of us carry water bottles to work, to school, even just one at the house. This series from the gospels equips us to have living water for our souls, Jesus, with us at all times too. 
2/26/2023 First Sunday in Lent

Water to Create | John 1:29-34

Jesus participated in created the waters of the earth, then invites us to co-create with him. Our baptism symbolizes that we have accepted God’s forgiveness and joined God’s mission. Are you curious about forgiveness and baptism, join us as we explore John 1:29-34.


3/5/2023 Second Sunday in Lent

Water to Obey | Luke 6:46-49

What does it mean to obey Jesus? Join us as pastor Scott examines what it means to do what Jesus says, or not to do what Jesus says at different stages of your faith development.


3/12/2023 Good Neighbor Sunday

Every Corner Every Campus | Philippians 4:8-9

Tim Whetstone shares his compelling vision of InterVarsity campus ministry and how connecting college students to Jesus offers them hope for their future and for the church’s future.


3/19/2023 Fourth Sunday in Lent

Water that Sustains | John 7:37-39

The Holy Spirit is given to those who trust Jesus so that they will be strengthened for a life of following Jesus. This is true for individuals and for the Church. Pastor Scott outlines how GenZ is experiencing the world and challenges us all to discover the Spirit’s direction for action as an intergenerational church.


3/26/2023 Fifth Sunday in Lent

Water to Anoint | John 12:1-11

Followers of Jesus live the tension that the Kingdom of God has already come AND it has not yet come. So, we live “holding space” for God to work on restoration stories. One way we do this is by anointing moments or people. Discover more by listening to this sermon from John 12:1-11.


4/5/2023 Liturgy of the Passion

Water to Humilify | John 13:1-17

Jesus sets the stage for his last teaching moment with his disciples by washing their feet. What does it mean to them? What does it mean to us now? Are Jesus followers “slaves of God” or “friends of God”? Find out in this final Lenten sermon.

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